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Whether you are new to the film industry or are an established working actor, Actingland has the tools to help you with your acting career. We offer an easy way to communicate with talent agents, casting directors, personal managers, and other entertainment professionals.

As a member, you'll find dependable acting guides to help you establish a strong career plan and great articles and advice to steer you through the casting process. We provide extensive listings of acting coaches and schools, photographers, SAG-AFTRA, and extras talent agents and agencies, along with casting notices and audition schedules.

We also provide great tools to store your appointments and showbiz contacts in one convenient location. Plus, we provide useful programs for creating industry standard acting résumés and organizing your documents, and photos online. Of course you can also create two personal profiles pages to be included in the world's leading Internet talent database.

Acting Services & Solutions
Actingland supplies many valuable tools which can provide an easy way for you to prepare for, plan, and manage your acting career. Below are just a few of the great services you will receive as a member of the Actingland community.

Personal Profile Web Pages
Create personal profiles to list your detailed description, contact information, skills, photos, and even your full résumé. Your profile can be accessed by talent agents and casting directors plus, your public profile is accessible via your own unique web address or URL.
File and Photo Managers
Save and store your résumé, documents, text files, and images online. Your files are easily accessible from your account 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Résumé Builder
Design a properly formatted, industry recognized résumé instantly and easily by completing a few simple forms.
Message Boards
Our message boards provide an easy way to read and post messages to and from your fellow actors and industry professionals.
Internal Messaging
Correspond with other members and industry professionals using our integrated messaging system.
Career Networking
Networking is a vital part of the acting career pursuit. We make it easy for you to locate and communicate with other members. Add members with similar interests and values to your friends lists. Then start building career relationships by communicating with members of your friends list.
Acting Guides and Instructions
We provide a wealth of great acting guides to help you establish a strong career plan and steer you though the casting process.
Articles and Interviews
We have many great acting articles and interviews contributed by published authors, actors, talent agents, casting directors, and acting coaches.
SAG-AFTRA and Extra Casting Resources
Inside the member's area you will find a comprehensive listing of Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) franchised talent agents plus extras casting directors and agencies.
Acting Schools and Coaches
We provide an extensive list of acting schools and coaches so you can increase your acting abilities and skill level.
Photographers and Photo Studios
Working actors need professional photographs. We provide instructions on what to look for and how to choose a skilled photographer in your area.
Personal Calendar
Never miss an interview or audition thanks to our database driven online calendar program.
Register Now
It does not matter where you live, anyone can register to be listed in the Global Talent Network database. In fact, we are proud to announce we have members living in all 50 United States and in a dozen countries world wide.
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