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Date: 2018-07-19 Unions: Non-Union
Category: Film Pay: No Pay
Location: Miami, Florida, United States

Concept  Movie Trailer Shoot


A plus-sized woman with low self esteem meets the man of her dreams.
Only her boy crazed, sex pot best friend also vying for his affection
stands in her way.

The premise is just right Meets Love & Basketball. This is love triangle drama story is set in the tropical Paradise of Miami Florida I will tell the story of two childhood friends becoming bitter rivals Shanice initially cherishes her role as Maya’s errand girl. It’s not until a chance meeting with local basketball hero Justin Smith that Shanice even realizes that she’s living an unfulfilled life.

Shanice’s low self esteem struggles represent itself through her being Antisocial. She grapples with how to even approach men, how to communicate with a man or whether she’s even attractive to men at all.

It’s only after she befriends Maya’s steady boyfriend Marcus  Brown that she begins to gain confidence and stars come out of her shell. Shanice’s newly gained confidence gives Maya great concerned. When Shanice begins to assert herself to gain her independence is when Maya’s ego takes a hit and now the women are at odds. Shanice holds her own with Justin and Maya becomes unhinged and demands that Shanice dump  him. When she refuses to bend anymore to appease Maya is when Maya really loses it and the fists start flying.

Role 1: (Submit to this Role)


Female, 26 to 39
Mixed race, Latina woman, homely, heavy build, speak english and spanish

Role 2: (Submit to this Role)


Female, 26 to 39
American American, sexy, curvy build,

Role 3: (Submit to this Role)


Male, 40 to 59
African American, Mixed race, athletic, tall, basketball player

Role 4: (Submit to this Role)


Male, 40 to 59
African American, Mixed race, husky bit fit build, athletic, tall, basketball player

Role 5: (Submit to this Role)


Female, 60 and older
Latina, Eccentric, busy body, speak english and spanish

Other Characters: (Submit to this Role)

Luisa Allman
Daniella Cruz
Ethan Tone

Submission Instructions:

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