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Frequently Asked Questions
Actingland is an online community for actors, actresses, and movie extras. Along with being able to create two personal profile web pages to be stored in the Actingland talent database, our subscription services also allow members to access the Actingland Actors/Extras member's area which contains valuable acting resources including acting guides, articles, tools, and tips plus a listing of SAG/AFTRA talent agents and extras casting director links and address. Actingland also provides links to photographers, acting coaches and schools, film commissions, and various associations and originations.

Questions & Answers
Below are our most commonly asked questions and their corresponding answers. Glance through this list and if your question is not answered here, feel free to contact us.

Will I definitely get work if I register with Actingland?
Actingland is not a casting company. Instead, we provide services to casting companies and professionals who are casting film and television productions. Our talent search engine allows these entertainment professionals to search for and view the many actor and extra profiles contained within our database. Since we are not directly involved with the casting process we can not guarantee you will receive work through our subscription services.

Can I still register if I live outside of the United States?
Certainly. Actingland has members living in all 50 United States and in a dozen countries world wide. However, Actingland can only accept U.S. Funds.

Who can view my personal information or description?
Since Actingland is a showcase web site, we give you the option of creating profile web pages for display on our site. Each member may create one public profile web page.

  • Your Public Profile Web Page is available to the general public viewing the Actingland web site. Anyone visiting our site may search for and view your public profile web page. You do not need to create a public profile web page. However, if you create a public profile web page, then all visitors to the web site will have the ability to view your profile, resume, documents, pictures and all information included within.

Can I pick the films in which I appear?
You can always reject a role if it does not interest you. But, you can not register for specific films. Our showcase is a general talent listing and does not allow users to specify the type of film preferred or name of production.

Can you provide me with a list of talent agencies in my area?
Inside the member's area you will find a comprehensive listing of Screen Actors Guild / American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG/AFTRA) franchised talent agents plus extras casting directors and agencies.

How can I find film production schedules or filming dates and times?
You'll find valuable links in our member's area that can assist you in locating production information and your local film commissions.

Do you have a telephone hotline for production updates?
No. You will be able to find the necessary links in our member's area.

Are there many membership requirements?
Actingland has few membership requirements. The Actingland Community is not an exclusive club or guild. Anyone interested in appearing in a film or on TV can join. Our only requirements are that you have your own active email account and children under 13 years old are required to have a parent or legal guardian's approval.

Do members need to be in an acting union or guild?
Members do not need to be affiliated with any acting unions. You may choose to join one or more unions on your own. You can list union affiliations on your personal profile web pages. Information regarding acting unions can be found in the members area.

Do members need to have prior acting experience?
Members do not need to have prior acting experience. Many famous actors started their careers as movie extras. If you have no prior experience, you should consider becoming an extra. This is a good way to get your feet wet.

Are their many positions for younger or older people?
The particular film, shot, and scene is what determines the "look" of the actor needed. There will always be quality roles for people of all ages, races, shapes and sizes.

How much do actors and extras get paid?
SAG actors can request a rate card by calling their local Screen Actors Guild office. Non-union actors daily wages are dependent upon the particular production company, role, and skill factor which makes it impossible to determine. But as a general rule, beginning actors and extras should expect to make about minimum wage with free meals depending on how long you work. Meals are usually served every 6 hours. You will always be informed of the wage scale and the projected hours of work before you accept a job.

How are travel arrangements made?
Most often are on your own for travel arrangements and costs. As a general rule, production companies do not reimburse beginning actors and extras for their travel or lodging costs. However, in certain situations, the film company may choose to transport you by bus or van to the location. You will be given transportation details before you accept any job.

How long are actors and extras required to be on set?
All shoots are different and it depends upon the particular scene and shot. Therefore, it is impossible to predict. A typical film day is 12 hours long. It is a good idea to expect to be on set all day if needed. When you accept any job, you must be prepared to stay as long as you are needed. Never leave without checking with the assistant director. Most extra jobs last just one day, however, some may span several days or even weeks. You will be told the approximate hours of work before you accept any job.

How do I view and update my account and/or my personal profile web pages?
Actors and extras can login to the member's area by selecting "Actors / Extras" from the Actingland home page. When prompted, enter your username and password. You should be taken to your account menu where you can choose to view and/or modify your personal profile web pages and administer your account.

How do I add photographs to my personal profile web pages?
You can upload the photographs through the members area using the Upload/Manage Photographs form.

How do I Cancel my Account?
Depending upon which subscription plan you selected when you initially registered with us, your membership subscription service may or may not be recurring. If you have a recurring billing plan, you will be billed for our services on a monthly basis until you cancel your membership. You can find more information about canceling your account on the Actingland Help Files menu.


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