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Uploading Photographs
Registered members may upload images at no additional cost, providing the images meet certain requirements and are appropriate for the Actingland web site.

Photograph Requirements
All images must be self photographs. Images must be .jpg or .gif files and should not exceed 100 kb. in size. Members shall not post any image containing nudity or for which the member is not the rightful copyright holder. Members shall not use Actingland services to distribute any images which are obscene, harassing, racist, malicious, fraudulent or libelous, or considered unethical, immoral, or illegal.

Uploading Instructions
Uploading a picture is quite easy assuming you already have the image stored on your computer and you know the image's location.

First, enter the Actors/Extras member's area by logging in using your username and password. Select "Upload/Manage Photographs" from your account menu. The Upload/Manage Photographs page should load.

On the Upload/Manage Photographs page you will need to select the Image Location. Select the image placement using the drop-down menu. This is not where the image is stored on your computer, but is where you decide the placement of each image on your profile web page. Image 1 is the main image. The following images will appear in your photo gallery.

Below the Image Location Menu is a text box. If you know the location of the image stored on your computer, you may enter the location in the text box. If you do not know the location, simply click the Browse button to search your computer for your image file. Once located, click the Upload button to add the image to your profile. The speed at which your image is uploaded to our server is dependant on your internet connection speed. It may take a few moments. Please be patient. Your image will appear on the Upload/Manage Photographs page if the upload process is successful.

Replacing Images
You can change your images by overwriting the active images. The image you replace will be deleted from our server and will not be recoverable. There is a known problem with this method. Your browser may keep your image in its memory or cache. When you overwrite an image, the old image may appear on your profile web page until your browser memory is refreshed. This does not mean that your image upload was unsuccessful. It simply means that your browser is recalling your old image from memory. To clear your browser's memory, click the refresh or reload button. This should load the new image into the browser's memory. If this does not work, try deleting the old image first and then uploading the image again.

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