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Want to be in a film or on television? Ever imagine seeing yourself up on the silver screen? Are you dreaming about becoming a famous celebrity or movie star? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should register to be a movie extra today.

Just having the opportunity to be a movie extra for a day is often the most
exciting and rewarding experience avid movie-goers can obtain. Plus, becoming a movie extra is by far the easiest way actors can break into show business.

Hundreds of celebrities have begun their acting careers as movie extras and background players simply because talent agents, casting directors and production companies are always looking for extras and background performers for their productions.

Every year hundreds of films are shot on locations across the country and around the world. Moviex makes it easy for talent agents and casting directors to locate willing participants for their production needs wherever they are around the globe.

For over ten years Moviex has been the web's number one extras casting solution. We operate and maintain a complex online database in which we catalog the biographies of thousands of individuals interested in becoming movie extras. Talent agents, talent scouts, casting directors, managers, producers and members of the filmmaking community can search for individuals who would be perfect for their films, TV shows, commercials and stage productions.

Simply post your profile and photographs in our talent database and we can expose you to the agencies, studios and production companies that are continually searching for new and up coming talent. Never before has it been so easy for casting directors to cast their productions and for talent agents and talent scouts to find new clients to represent.

Whether you are seeking just a day of fun on a movie set or a way to jump start your acting career, Moviex can help you realize your dreams! We are committed to continuing to build and strengthening our services and relationships with extras casting directors. As a result, we have received high acclaim from industry insiders and have been published in "Teen People" and "Jump" magazines as well as profiled in USA TODAY and on CNN.COM. In short, we are successful because we want our members to be successful.

Join today and you could be an extra in a future Hollywood blockbuster or even on your way to becoming the next break-out movie star!

Standard Services
Below are just a few of the many great services we offer.

Online Portfolio / Personal Profile Web Pages
Create personal profile web pages to list your detailed description, contact information, skills and even your full résumé. Having your profile online is the easiest, most cost effective way to market yourself and the very best way to make sure your contact information is up to date. Your private profile web page can be accessed by talent agents, managers, casting directors, producers and potential employers through our talent search engine while your public profile web page is accessible via your own unique web address or URL. This is especially valuable as you can easily direct potential employers to your profile web page. You can even print your URL on your résumé, business cards, postcards, and flyers.
File Manager
Use our file manager to save and store your documents and text files online. Your files are attached to your personal profile web pages so they are easily available to casting professionals. You can save multiple files so you'll have plenty of room and opportunity to include your résumé, cover letter, list of references and other similar documents.
Photo Manager
Easily upload, save and store your photographs using our photo manager. Your photo gallery, which can be accessed through your profile web pages, can display a number of photos. Since accounts are accessible 24 hours a day, you may freely add, remove or replace any of your photographs whenever you want.
Résumé Builder
Design a properly formatted, industry recognized résumé instantly and easily by completing a few simple forms. When finalized, your résumé will be available to print or as part of your profile web pages. With your résumé online, you'll always have access to the most up-to-date copy of your ever evolving résumé.
Online Journal/Blog Builder
Write your memoirs, discuss current events or simply share your personal thoughts and ideas using our cool blogging program. A blog (web log) is simply an online journal, scrapbook or diary where you can quickly and easily communicate with others. Our powerful, yet easy to use, blog publication interface makes it easy for almost anyone, even people with little or no technical background, to update and maintain their blog.
Message Boards
What would a community be without a way to communicate? We invite you to visit our message boards to read and post messages to your fellow actors and industry professionals. The message boards provide an easy and efficient way to share your acting, interviewing or auditioning experiences with your peers or simply introduce yourself to casting professionals.
Internal Messaging
Correspond with members and industry professionals using our integrated messaging program. Talent agents, casting directors and producers can contact you through our messaging system which keeps relevant acting messages separate from your regular email.
Acting Guides and Instructions
We have many great acting guides contributed by published authors, actors, talent agents, casting directors and acting coaches. These individuals offer their valuable knowledge in hopes they can help you get your foot in the door and get working.
Advice and Interviews
We provide a wealth of great acting articles to help you establish a strong career plan and steer you though the casting process. Our instructions are a great resource for beginning actors while still providing valuable information to experienced and skilled actors.
SAG-AFTRA and Extra Casting Resources
Inside the member's area you will find a comprehensive listing of Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) franchised talent agents plus extras casting directors and agencies.
Acting Schools and Coaches
You can dramatically increase your skill level in just a few short weeks by attending a class or acting school. We provide an extensive list of acting schools and coaches.
Photographers and Photo Studios
Experienced actors know that impressive headshots are absolutely vital. As an actor, your headshot will be one of your principal marketing tools. Therefore, choose your photographer carefully. Along with an extensive list of qualified photographers, our member's area provides instructions on what to look for and how to choose a photographer in your area.
News and Headlines
Keep up to date with real-time news feeds. Included are links to current entertainment and technology headlines plus world news stories provided by some of the top names in journalism.

Advanced Services
Sign up for our Actor Advanced Plan and get all the great features listed above plus the expanded services listed below.

Advanced Online Portfolio / Personal Profile Web Pages
Our advanced profile web pages enable direct file sharing between actors and their agents and managers. We call this two-way. Now both you and your agent and/or personal manager can login to your account and make modifications at anytime from virtually anywhere. With one simple login, talent agents and managers can view their complete client roster, easily communicate with their clients, and upload, share, and print résumés, contracts or other important documentation.
Advanced File and Photo Managers
Our advanced file and photo managers allow you to save and store larger documents, text files and images online. Naturally, your advanced file and photo managers are two-way programs allowing you to share files and photos with your agent or manager.
Advanced Résumé Builder
Our advanced résumé builder is another two-way program. This means that your agent and/or manager can login to view, print and modify your résumé with just a few simple mouse clicks. Now you and your agent or manager will always have the most up-to-date copy of your ever evolving résumé available online 24/7 with unlimited Free updates.
Audition / Submission Logs
Success in this business takes organization. Keep accurate records of your submissions, auditions and callbacks or you will never become a successful actor. Use our acting logs to track your submission and audition results by recording important details like dates and times, contact information, driving directions, materials submitted and overall expenses.
Personal Calendar
Never miss an interview or audition thanks to our database driven online calendar program. Store all your important meetings and appointments in one convenient location.
Casting Director Lists
We provide the addresses and telephone numbers of several Casting Society of America member casting directors and casting associates. Use this contact info to communicate with the casting directors and associates and to self-submit yourself for their projects.
Career Networking
In show business often it's not what you know, it's who you know. Networking is a vital part of the acting career pursuit. We make it easy for you to locate and communicate with other members. Add members with similar interests and values to your friends lists. Then start building career relationships by communicating with members of your friends list.
Upload Video Clips / Demo Reels
Attach high quality, streaming video clips to your online portfolio / personal profile web pages so talent agents, casting directors and producers can see you in action. Individual chapters allow you to skip from one part of your video to another. You can create, label and shuffle chapters. Plus, you can even provide short descriptions of each clip, too.

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