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Our Actor Series Video Collection explores acting as a craft and dissects the casting process through interviews and discussions with the cast and crew of your favorite movies and TV shows.

A discussion about casting the leading characters for "Supernatural."
The pilot script gets re-written for “Supernatural.”
One Tree Hill
A discussion about casting Hilarie Burton as Peyton Sawyer on “One Tree Hill.”
One Tree Hill
Sophia Bush discusses Brooke Davis, her character on “One Tree Hill.”
The O.C.
Casting Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson for the hit television series “The O.C.”
The O.C.
The cast of "The O.C." describes their first day and how they met each other.
Gilmore Girls
A look back at the acting in “Gilmore Girls.”
Gilmore Girls
A look at the supporting actors in “Gilmore Girls.”
Harrison Ford talks about acting in his latest film “Firewall.”
Harrison Ford talks about being demanding to make his character real.
Million Dollar Baby
Hilary Swank talks about her acting career and living her dream in Hollywood.
Million Dollar Baby
Morgan Freeman discusses his character’s disposition and motivation.
The West Wing
John Spencer on the set of “The West Wing” talks about his character Leo McGarry.
The West Wing
Allison Janney discusses how she got the role of C.J. Cregg on “The West Wing.”

 Video Clips
16 Blocks: Alternate Ending
16 Blocks: Alternate Ending Continued
16 Blocks: Commentary
16 Blocks: Look at Me Now
16 Blocks: Missing
16 Blocks: Rat
16 Blocks: Silly Scene
16 Blocks: Underground New York
Batman Anthology: George Clooney as Batman
Batman Anthology: Batman Costume
Batman Anthology: Batman Hero
Batman Anthology: Batman Returns Visual EFX
Batman Anthology: Batman and Robin Batmobile Design
Batman Anthology: Mystery of Batman
Batman Anthology: Stunt Work and Martial Arts
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Becoming Oompa
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Chocolate Dreams
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Designer Chocolate Clip 1
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Designer Chocolate Clip 2
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Sweet Sounds
Dukes of Hazzard Movie: The Dukes Movie
Dukes of Hazzard Movie: Daisy Duke
Dukes of Hazzard TV Series: Courthouse Chase
Dukes of Hazzard TV Series: Dependability
Dukes of Hazzard TV Series: The General Lee
ER: Competition
ER: Domestic Violence
ER: Heavy Snacks
ER: Show her the Ropes
Firewall: Harrison Ford on Acting
Firewall: Harrison Ford Demanding
Firewall: CGI
Firewall: Re-Shoot
Friends: Costume Design
Friends: Makeup
Gilmore Girls: Acting
Gilmore Girls: Supporting Actors
Good Night and Good Luck: Capitalism
Good Night and Good Luck: Heroic
Good Night and Good Luck: Broadcast Journalism
Good Night and Good Luck: McCarthyism
Good Night and Good Luck: Patriotic Duty
Million Dollar Baby: Hilary Swank's Acting Career
Million Dollar Baby: Morgan Freeman's Character
Nip/Tuck: Inner Peace
Nip/Tuck: Life Lessons
Nip/Tuck: Naomi Gaines
The O.C.: Casting
The O.C.: The First Day
One Tree Hill: Developing the Series
One Tree Hill: Hilarie Burton
One Tree Hill: Sophia Bush
Supernatural: Casting
Supernatural: Silver Bullet
Supernatural: The Pilot
Supernatural: Urban Legends
Supernatural: Visual EFX
Syriana: Screenplay
Syriana: The Role of Oil
The West Wing: John Spencer Discusses his Character
The West Wing: Casting Allison Janney


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