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Post your profile, pictures and resume online where thousands of talent agents, talent scouts, casting directors, producers and filmmakers can find and hire you.

Break into the Movie Business!

The easiest way to break into the movie industry is by becoming a movie extra.

Movie extras learn all the tricks of the trade through real world, on-set experience.

Welcome to Actingland, the premiere Internet destination for aspiring actors and movie extras.

Becoming an actor is a dream shared by millions of people worldwide. But most have a limited knowledge of how to break into showbiz. In the competitive world of acting, talent and ability is not enough. Serious and dedicated actors need every advantage available to them.

Actingland is a leading provider of acting resources. We provide high quality résumé and casting services for established actors while guiding the careers of beginning actors through easy to follow tools, tips, and helpful acting hints.

Join Actingland's online acting community and we'll teach you what you need to know and what to do to launch or further your acting career.

All the Tools & Resources in one Place

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Our Services & Solutions
Whether you know it or not, it is likely you have seen the results of our acting services already. Unless you've been living in a cave and haven't seen a movie, television show, or commercial in the last ten years, you've probably seen one of our members performing already. We're the leading online acting community and our members get work. While others may provide a few helpful bits of info, we provide a complete and thorough solution to get you on your way and get acting.
Online Talent Portfolio / Personal Profile Web Pages
Establish an online presence by creating personal profile web pages that list your description, contact info, skills and experience. Our searchable database of profile web pages is available to thousands of talent agents, managers, casting directors and producers all over the world.

Video Clips / Demo Reels Résumé Builder File and Photo Managers
Include streaming video clips on your profile web pages so casting professionals can see you in action.
Easily design and print a properly formatted acting résumé by completing a few simple forms.
Store your résumé, cover letter, and other documents plus all of your images online using our convenient file managers.

Acting Auditions, Casting Calls and Casting Notices
We are constantly posting fresh casting notices, open casting calls, actor audition info and interview schedules for acting jobs and movie extras work in areas all over the globe.
Message Center / Internal E-Mail System
Our internal messaging system makes it easy to send messages to other actors / movie extras and it provides a great way to communicate with talent agents and casting directors.
Personal Interests
Share your interests and values with other actor / movie extra members. Our interest lists can help you locate members like yourself so you can begin to network with your peers.
Friends Lists
Part of our career networking program, your friends lists allows you to group members with similar interests so you can easily communicate and share experiences, advice and acting tips.

Personal Calendar Blog Builder Member Forum
Schedule and save all your appointments, interviews
and audition dates in one convenient location.
Publish your own personal online journal, scrapbook, diary, etc. with our easy to use blog (web log) builder.
Communicate with actors and industry professionals by posting messages on our message boards.

Beginner Guides and Instructions
Our beginner acting guides will help you establish an acting career plan, teach you about auditions and casting breakdowns, and steer you though the casting process.
Acting Advice and Interviews
We provide great acting articles and interviews provided by published authors, actors, talent agents, casting directors, and acting coaches.
Casting Director Lists
Find the addresses and telephone numbers of several casting directors and casting associates so you can communicate with them and self-submit yourself to their projects.
SAG and AFTRA Talent Agents / Extra Casting Agents
Provided is the complete listing of all Screen Actors Guild (SAG) franchised talent agents in the United States plus hundreds of AFTRA talent agents and extras casting agents and agencies.
Acting Schools and Coaches
Increase your skill level by attending an acting class. We provide an extensive list of acting schools and coaches.
Photographers and Photo Studios
Learn what makes a great headshot and why quality photographs are important. Then browse our list of skilled photographers and first-rate photo studios.
News and Headlines
Keep up to date with news feeds, current entertainment headlines, technology reports and world news stories provided by some of the top names in journalism.
Audition and Submission Logs
Success in show business takes organization. Streamline your acting career with audition tracking logs and casting submission feedback forms. was the world's first online community for actors and movie extras. We are a social networking web site for aspiring actors, artists, and performers. In show business it's often who you know, not what you know. Actingland is an online destination where actors, actresses and film industry professionals from all over the globe can meet and exchange information, ideas, and opportunities enabling them to be more productive and successful in their personal and professional endeavors. Actingland is not a talent agency, talent counseling service, casting agent or agency, management service, employment company, acting coach, or teacher and does not procure, get, or promise employment, jobs, auditions, castings, or bookings for our members. Starting an acting career is not an easy task. Your results are a function of your actions. But with hard work, dedication, and motivation from your peers, you can achieve your acting dreams.
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