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ACTOR: A theatrical performer or stageplayer. A person who plays the role of a character in films, on television, or on stage.

BODY DOUBLE: When an actor is replaced or "doubled" by someone else, the individual that takes the place of the original actor is known as a Body Double. Often Body Doubles are called upon to perform on camera when the double's body may be more suitable than the principal actor's body. Often this occurs when depicting physical fitness, when scenes require nudity, or when it is cost effective to use a double rather than paying the actor's higher rate.

CAST: A collective term for the actors appearing in a particular film.

EXTRA (BACKGROUND PERFORMER, BACKGROUND ACTOR): A person who appears in a movie where a non-specific, non-speaking character is required, usually as part of a crowd or in the background of a scene.

LEAD ROLE (LEAD, FEMALE LEAD, MALE LEAD): The most important character in a movie, often distinguished by gender.

PHOTO DOUBLE: An individual hired to take to place of the principal talent on camera. Photo Doubles are used when the principal talent is unavailable, or unable, or unwilling to perform a given task. Stunt Doubles as a form of Photo Doubles. Naturally principal actors are replaced with highly trained Stunt Doubles when the shot consists of a dangerous action or situation. Photo Doubles should be roughly the same size, shape, and build of the principal talent so the audience does not quickly notice a Double is being used.

STAND IN: Any individual used to replace the principal talent when the camera and lights are being set up. Stand ins should be roughly the same size, shape, and build of the principal talent. Also called Second Team.

STAR: A famous actor.

STUNT DOUBLE: A Photo Double who replaces the principal talent when the character is to perform a stunt. Like all Photo Doubles, the Stunt Double should be roughly the same size, shape, and build of the principal talent.

STUNT PERFORMER (STUNT PLAYER, STUNTS): A specialist actor who performs stunts.

TALENT: A general, informal term for actors and possibly extras.

WALK-ON: A minor role, usually without speaking lines.


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