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Filmmakers & Crew

ART DIRECTOR: The person who oversees the craftsmen who build the sets.

ASSISTANT ART DIRECTOR: An assistant to the art director.

ASSISTANT CAMERA (ASSISTANT CAMERA OPERATOR, 1ST AC): A member of the camera crew who assists the camera operator. This person is responsible for the maintenance and care of the camera, as well as keeping camera reports and shot lists. In small productions, they may also perform the duties of clapper-loader and/or a focus puller.

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, 1ST AD): This person tracks the progress of filming versus the production schedule, and prepares the call sheets.

ASSISTANT FILM EDITOR: Editing room crew member responsible for providing assistance to the editor.


ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: An individual who performs a limited number of producing functions delegated to him/her by a producer, under the direct supervision and control of that producer.

BACKGROUND ARTIST (SCENIC ARTIST): A person responsible for designing or constructing the art placed in the back of a set.

BEST BOY: Usually the Gaffer's Assistant and a member of the Electrical Dept.

BOOM OPERATOR: A member of the sound crew who operates the boom microphone.

CAMERA LOADER (LOADER, CLAPPER-LOADER): The person who operates the clapboard at the beginning of a shot, also responsible for loading film stock into film magazines.

CAMERA OPERATOR (CAMERAMAN): The person who operates the camera to the specifications dictated by the director of photography.

CASTING DIRECTOR (CD, CASTING ASSISTANT, CASTING ASSOCIATE): The person who auditions and helps to select all of the speaking role actors in film, television shows or plays. The CD must possess a vast knowledge of the actor pool and be able to match a variety of actors with just the right role. Directors and producers rely on the Casting Director to assist them with assembling the perfect cast for their production. Casting Directors are also responsible for serving as the liaison between the director, and the actors and their agents. CDs negotiate the deals with agents once the actors have been cast and are also responsible for the contracts and SAG of each actor.

CATERER: The Caterer is the individual who feeds you your well balanced nutritional meals. Sometimes the caterer works from a truck or van that has become known as the "Roach Coach."

CHOREOGRAPHER: A person who plans and directs dance sequences within a movie.

CINEMATOGRAPHER: A person with expertise in the art of capturing images. This is the person responsible for creating the overall look of the film. This includes setting up the shots by establishing the placement of both camera and lights. The chief cinematographer for a movie is called the director of photography.

CO-PRODUCER: A producer who performs a substantial portion of a creative producing function, or who is primarily responsible for one or more managerial producing functions. A co-producer has less responsibility than a producer for the completion of a project.

COMPOSER: A musician whose music appears in a movie's score.

COSTUME DESIGNER: The person in charge of costumes, usually preparing them for use and making sure they are accurate and faithful to the designs.

DIRECTOR: The person who interprets the written book or script. This individual oversees all creative aspects of the production. Also the person who yells "Action!"

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: A person with expertise in the art of capturing images. This is the person responsible for creating the overall look of the film. This includes setting up the shots by establishing the placement of both camera and lights. The chief cinematographer for a movie is called the director of photography.

EDITOR: A person who performs editing (in consultation with the director) on a movie. This term usually refers to someone who does visual editing.

ELECTRICIANS: Members of the Electrical Dept. who wire electrical devices used on and off set as well as rig and adjust lighting.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER (EXECUTIVE IN CHARGE OF PRODUCTION): A producer who is not involved in any technical aspects of the filmmaking process, but who is still responsible for the overall production. Typically an executive producer handles business and legal issues.

FOCUS PULLER: A member of the camera crew who adjusts the focus of the camera during filming.

GAFFER: As head of the Electrical Dept., The Gaffer, works closely with the DP in determining how lights should be used and where they need to be placed.

GRIP: A member of the Grip Dept. which consists of your all purpose construction team. Grips are usually the crew members who arrange props and set up the various camera equipment including dollies, cranes, and the like.

KEY GRIP: The chief of a group of grips, often doubling for a construction coordinator and a backup for the camera crew.

LINE PRODUCER: A producer who is responsible for managing every person and issue during the making of a film.

LOCATION MANAGER: A person who manages various aspects of filming on location, such as arranging with authorities for permission to shoot in specific places.

LOCATION SCOUT: A person who looks for suitable locations for filming.

PRODUCER: The administrative head of the film, usually responsible for budget, staff, legal contracts, distribution, scheduling, etc.

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT (PA): A person responsible for various odd jobs on set and around the production office. Usually it is the PAs who run errands sometimes involving purchasing lunches or snacks for craft service, picking up disposables - small items used around the set or location. Often called the "Gofer."

PRODUCTION MANAGER (UNIT PRODUCTION MANAGER, UPM): This is the person who attempts to make things run on schedule and within the budget. The UPM is in charge of most all financial matters concerning the film.

PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR: An assistant to the producer, in charge of routine administrative duties.

SECOND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (2ND AD:) Assistant to the Assistant Director. Usual duties include overseeing movements of the cast.

SECOND SECOND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (2ND, 2ND): This individual is the assistant to the 2nd Assistant Director. These crew members are usually assigned the duty of organizing and directing the extras.

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