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Looking for that extra edge to make you stand out from other actors and actresses? Looking for a way to get noticed by talent agents, casting directors and filmmakers?

Actingland can help. We provide a wealth of constantly updated materials and career building tools to give your acting career the jolt it needs and to vault you ahead of the rest of the crowd. Because let's face it, there are tens of thousands of actors just like you. That means there is fierce competition for the few film, television or theater roles available. Not only must you be absolutely prepared, but it's vital you have every advantage available to you.

Our industry-leading suite of tools provide an easy way for you to not only prepare for, plan and manage your acting career but also to communicate with agents, managers and casting directors.

Actingland offers two-way connect services which allow you to share your profile, résumé, documents, and images with your agent, manager or even a casting director. The information you provide online is available to all parties so updates by one person are automatically reflected across the entire site.

Forget about printing dozens of expensive headshots. Forget about ever having to fax your updated résumé to your agent again. And forget about emailing complicated documents and attachments with who knows what kind of virus included. Now, all of your essential information is conveniently and securely stored online and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So if you have been looking for that extra edge to help you get ahead of the crowd, look no further. Actingland is where professionals turn to launch their acting careers!

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Included Services & Features
These are the many great services and features we provide in our Actor Advanced Plan.
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Cloud-Enabled Online Portfolio / Personal Profile Web Pages
Cloud-Enabled File and Photo Managers
Cloud-Enabled Résumé Builder
Upload Video Clips / Demo Reels
Online Journal / Blog Builder
Message Boards
Internal Messaging
Career Networking
Audition / Submission Logs
Acting Guides and Instructions
Advice and Interviews
SAG-AFTRA and Extra Casting Resources
Casting Director Lists
Acting Schools and Coaches
Photographers and Photo Studios
Personal Calendar
No Set Up Fees
No Hidden Costs
Free Updates

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Our advanced services are designed for the most dedicated and demanding actors.

With careful planning and an accurate way to track and manage your career we can help you realize your dreams.

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