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Want to be in a film or on television? Ever imagine seeing yourself up on the silver screen? Are you dreaming about becoming a famous celebrity or movie star? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should register to be a movie extra today.

Just having the opportunity to be a movie extra for a day is often the most
exciting and rewarding experience avid movie-goers can obtain. Plus, becoming a movie extra is by far the easiest way actors can break into show business.

Movie extras learn all the tricks of the trade through real world, on-set
experience. Hundreds of celebrities have begun their acting careers this way simply because talent agents, casting directors and production companies are always looking for extras and background performers for their productions.

Every year hundreds of films are shot on location across the country and around the world. Actingland makes it easy for talent agents and casting directors to locate willing participants for their production needs.

Using any device to access the Internet, industry professionals can search for the perfect extras candidate from almost anywhere around the world. Our advanced talent search engine enables powerful search queries so talent agents and casting directors can find new clients to represent and cast their productions.

Whether you are seeking just a day of fun on set or a way to launch your acting career, Actingland can help you realize your dreams!

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Get started in showbiz by becoming a movie extra for fun or to start your acting career.

Learn about the casting processes and what you can do to get your foot in the door and start working in the movies.

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